Top 7 Most Common IT Problems in Business

IT Problems in Business

In 2013 several SMBs across the US reported at least one cyberattack. With such a number is no wonder the IT budgets of medium and small-sized companies are increasing rapidly. As an owner of a business which area should you concentrate on your IT initiatives, either internally or via an outsourced managed service provider? The article below will examine the most common IT problems in business.

The 7 Biggest IT Problems in Business

Below are the most important seven most frequently encountered IT problems in business that companies are confronting in 2022:

  • There is no backup of data or a disaster recovery plan

  • Endpoint user vulnerability

  • Hardware and software issues that are frequent

  • Unrestricted employee data access

  • There is no overall IT strategy

  • Poor cloud management/understanding

  • Cyber security measures are minimal or inadequate.

Exploring the 7 Most Common IT Problems in Business

1. Minimal/Poor Cyber Security Measures

Despite the many IT problems in businesses that have to deal with everyday security threats as well as data breach incidents are the most frequently encountered issues, particularly for small companies. Even for large corporations, the threat of the possibility of a cyber security breach is extremely costly as data breaches cost businesses an average of $200,000. Small businesses are at risk because this could mean they go out of theirs. One of the most effective IT solutions for any business is to hire help services in IT outsourcing, and outsourcing options tend to be the most cost-effective with the greatest return on investment.

2. No Data Backup or Disaster Recovery Plan

If you went to work the next day and discovered all of your documents suddenly deleted the sensitive information of your clients disappeared or a ransomware virus has infected the entire network Are you prepared? If it’s due to someone mistakenly deleting vital lines of code, or from a black screen, the chances are that a check of your recycles bin is far too little, too late. In stressful times the best way to deal with stress is to create an emergency backup of your data and a disaster recovery plan. If you have a managed service provider managing your IT, they’d have already backup all your data to cloud-based storage (and it’s best to have an external drive that isn’t connected to your networks).

3. Endpoint User Vulnerability

If your employees work remotely and can use personal devices to access company data this poses a significant security risk if the devices aren’t monitored, regulated, or protected by antivirus. To resolve the root of the issue You’ll need to give your employees devices that are company-provided and then encrypt all data using firewalls and VPN on your own or both. If you’re worried about the level of risk from unsecured devices at your end take advantage of a complimentary 1-hour consultation today. We’ll talk about options that can benefit you.

4. Hardware & Software Issues

Error messages that are frequent or slow internet, as well as overall poor performance of the devices of your business could impact employee productivity as well as your company’s bottom line. Find solutions to these issues that are recurring with a comprehensive helpdesk, or outsource your IT requirements to a reputable managed service provider who provides 24-hour support.

5. Unrestricted Employee Data Access

Although employees absolutely need some form of access to files, however, they don’t require access to all information (such as network passwords that are secure as well as information). Restricting the types of access your employees are granted will drastically reduce the security risk to your company. Many security breaches occur as an outcome of errors made by employees or scams using social engineering.

6. No IT Strategy

Are you planning to scale your business or plan for expansion? If you don’t plan to determine how your IT can support the growth process and evolve along with it the effort will be significantly hindered. Get in touch with IT professionals or managed services providers to develop solid plans that allow you to attain the results you wish to achieve. If you’re looking to create an efficient IT strategy to plan for the expansion of your business, we can assist you in the process. Get a complimentary one-hour consultation with us now.

7. Poor Cloud Management/Understanding

If businesses are unable to comprehend how cloud technology functions (and the ways it could be employed to boost the performance of their business) some describe it as cloud confusion. Making use of cloud-based storage to save, access and secure information is the most important benefit of any cloud service, however, it requires skills and dedication to do properly.

Solutions to IT problems in Business with the best-managed Service Provider

Here at Geeks Worldwide Solution, we have been solving IT problems in Business like these since 2010, and in that time have seen it all. We offer a complete range of managed services. We also make sure to take the time to research your company to aid you in reaching your goals.

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